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Colonial Concrete

A website build, worked from the ground up for Philidelphia based concrete supplier — Colonial Concrete.

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Client - Colonial Concrete | Agency - Fludium

Built on self-hosted WordPress

This project was a bit of a learning curve in terms of growing my emotional quotient, and my patience with clients who aren’t very familiar with design and development elements and process. It’s something I really value, because we tend to focus so hard on our skillset and qualification that we often forget that a large part of our professional presence is how capable we are of managing ourselves and our emotions.

The brief for this website was part of a lager scaled rebrand for the client’s company portfolio. My role started as developer, but I quickly realised that there was an unfortunate lack of UI/UX design. I stepped up and fulfilled that role while being able to educate the client on the necessity of design systems and interface usability. I even helped out with most of the copy for titling and conversion. All in all, the project was a success and we pulled together a beautiful website that the client was proud of.

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